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, but is it because of taxes? >> good evening. of baltimore city firefighter is in jail tonight, charged with running a prostitution ring of a southwest baltimore row house. >> kai reed is live downtown with this story tonight. >> the firefighter was charged in a separate prostitution case to years ago but kept his job, but now he and coit are in trouble again. amar simmons has been a baltimore firefighter since 2002 but prosecutors say he has also been working in the prostitution business, too. >> we found handguns, a small amount of marijuana, and various letters and documents that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from the location. >> detectives had been investigating simmons and kuwait since last year. -- simmons and coit. an informant told them they had a three-six girls working for them as prostitutes at any given time, either at the warehouse are at several hotels in the baltimore area. this is not the first time they have been in trouble with the law. both were arrested after arranging a prostitution meade up two years ago. they wer
with a third set to close this fall >> this is a slap in the face to every man and woman in the baltimore city fire department. how could you possibly accept a raise when you told your members that there are no races. how can you yourself accept a raise? >> council president voted against the contract extension. the baltimore city firefighter is behind bars deceptive and charged with running a prostitution ring out of a city where house. jennifer franciotti explains. >>jamar simmons has been a member of the fire department since 2002 body was arrested and charged a similar prostitution case and managed to keep his job. police and fbi agents raided his headquarters at this warehouse in southwest baltimore monday. >> we found handguns and ammunition by small amount of marijuana and various documents that would suggest an online prostitution and human trafficking operation being conducted from the location. >> detectives have been investigating since since november of last year. a cyber-step led them to the website. an informant told police that simmons and his partner had three-six girls working
. >>> here's what people will be talking about today. a baltimore city firefighter accused of running an online prostitution ring. this isn't his first time facing these types of charges. mike schuh has the latest on this case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a year and a half ago when that city firefighter faced similar charges and at that time he was given probation. >> inside this warehouse in west baltimore police say 29-year-old jamar simmons and 33-year-old franklin coit were running an online prostitution ring. >> i can't imagine anything scandalous one going on in here. >> it turns out simmons is a baltimore city fireman. he was arrested monday. >> we found handgun, ammo, marijuana and various ljers and documents -- ledgers and documents that would suggest an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from the location. >> simmons had a similar run in with the law back in 2010. court records show baltimore city police arrested him for human trafficking and prostitution but most of the charges were dropped, he ended up with a year of
were the two no votes. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a baltimore city firefighter is arrested during an fbi raid. 29 jamar simmons and 33-year-old frankling coit ran the operation inside a warehouse in west baltimore. simmons is a retired baltimore city -- excuse me, a baltimore city firefighter with 12 years on the force. they are both facing gun and prostitution charges. >>> the city police department is making head lines after baltimore's police union calls for an over hall of the department. it calls the crime management strategy out dated and it's proposing changes. it says it will boost officer moral and reduce crime. among the union proposals is a recommendation that more officers be directed onto patrol units which respond to 911 calls. the mayor says the suggestions will be reviewed. >>> a retired principal is found murdered in florida. two people are charged with his death. ron matsz is in the news room -- matz is in the news room with more. >> reporter: 76-year-old william norman was the first principal of chesapeake high school and spent three decades in the school system
3 this morning... the board of estimates is expected vote on baltimore city fire chief james claak a raise.this comes just days after we reported the closing of two baltimore citt ire companies... due to cuts.megan gilliland is here wiih more on why thh mayor says the timing is right.&good stephanie rawlings-blake is offering chief clacc a two percent raise... and plans to extend his contract... through . 20-18.he'ssbeen leading the department for four years noww and makes more than 161-thousand a year.but the maaor believesshe deserves more and has earned a raise through his success on the job. (mayorr "we've had the lowest number of fire deaths in the city since the earlyy30's, i'm pleased with the workkof my fire chief and the department and i'm glad that he's staying d onboardin a statement... chief clack says he's very honored chief... and is happy that the mayor has askee him to but givvng him a raise... comes at a time when fire companies are closing and fire fighters aren't seeing any increase.coming up next half hour... hear from some lcoal fiie figgters... on the iming
. >> this is a slap in the face to every man and woman in the baltimore city fire department. how can you possibly accept a raise when you've told your members there are no raises? there is no money in the city of baltimore to give a raise. how can you yourself as chief of the fire department accept a raise? >> the mayor credits the chief by saving the city money by reducing overtime. >> a 13th police officer is heading to prison for his role in a kickback scheme. a judge sentenced jaime lugo to wo years of prison. he faces sentencing in federal court next month. >> a composite sketch has been released hoping to find -- detectives say this man shot a victim in the leg on east lombard street. this happened the night of june 30. anyone with information should call baltimore city police. a body was found in the park heights neighborhood over the weekend. he was shot and stabbed near spaulding avenue. no word as to a suspect or a possible motive. >> there will be a planning meeting this evening. the planning department wants to ales. out liquor s violent crimes tends to cluster around liquor stores. t
coming up. >>> top story this evening, baltimore city's fire chief will get a waive and contract extension. this has drawn sharp criticism from firefighters and union leaders. christian schaffer is in downtown baltimore where the reaction was less than receptive. >> reporter: chief james clack of the fire department makes $161,000 already, today the board of estimates extended the contract through the year 2018 with raises of $3000 each year at the end of the contract, for the making, $190,000 a year. this is drawn fire of course because of all the talk of the past several weeks and months over the closure of three fire companies in baltimore city, truck 15, east baltimore, truck 10 west baltimore, squad 11 southeast baltimore. the heads of both of the union that represent firefighters and fire office testified here against the raise saying the members haven't gotten raises and the chief shouldn't either. the firefighters rejected a raise that was proposed to them during the negotiations, their response to that was, sure you are you were going to give us a raise but going to incr
. here in the city of baltimore, there were tens of thousands of people without power. the city had workers knocking on doors trying to find these people and in some cases rescue them in the intense heat we had after the power went out. they are asking for a study to find out where some power lines might be buried and whether that could be helpful. the mayor knows people needed help and hoping the power companys will provide it in the future. >> with the heat continuing to rise and the length of times out power continued to lengthen, these people would need additional assistance, we were able to get that lift. our hope is moving forward we will be able to get it sooner. >> reporter: mayor asking bge to increase the number of tree trimming and limb trimming that goes on before the storm so when one hits it's not as serious. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> was she concerned about the lack of resources or the response time? >> reporter: i think she was pleased with the level of resources put in here based on her comments. it's the people here in baltimore city without power in the h
scale prostitution bust involving a baltimore city firefighter. >>> we have free parking. >> tonight we reveal load of free byes to get your road trip on a budget. abc 2 news aat 11:00 starts right now. >> we will take aa look over at the key bridge. a few rain clouds popping up early in the day, even had showers in the area this evening. so the big question is it still raining? meteorologist way cat joins us now with a look at what's going on. i see a little spotty action on the radar behind you. >> spotty showers beginning to fizzle out but it was rain that's welcome. we are still several inches behind where we should be rain fall wise. so showers diminishing now, yes but we had descent ones early. clouds holding tough. the main weather continues to be if states to the south, carolina down through georgia, tons of rain and thunderstorm action tonight here. pretty quiet with temperatures around 80 still. so it is a warm, humid evening. into the 80s some spots could hit 90. you want to know the temperature hour by hour right where you live you can find it, down load the weather an ask f
to decide if baltimore city fire chief, james claak deserves a raise... as the city is struggling financiaaly.megan gilliland is here with more on the fire sttrm it's creating. p3&good morning guys,this week reported that two baltimore closing... because of budget cuts.fire fighters aren't seeing any raise at all. but now, mayoo stephanie rawlingssblake is offering chief clack a wo percent raisee.. and plans to extend his contract... ttrough 20-18. &p161-thousand a year. while... more for the success he's had on the job.some local fire fighters say the timinn is just wrong. (hoffman) "if we're all asked to take a hit and we have been, we just closed two falling at truck 10 in raise is way too much."rcent - much."in a staaement....chief clack says he's very honored chief... and is happy that the mayor has asked him to continue serving. coming up next haaf hour... what the fire fighters union is hoping he'll ask for... if he accepts the raise.i'm meean gilliland, fox45 morning news. baltimore's grand prix race is just 8 weeks away... but already... the new organizers of thh race s
baltimore city fire companies....the mayor is proposing to giie the fire chief a raise.the board of estimmtes is expected to vote onnthis plan today. today.tom rodgers ii here with more on the controversy it's igniting plus your other top stories.hey tom... good mmrning,mayor stephanie chief james clack a two ng - percent raise... and plans to 20-18.he currently earns more than 161-thousand a year. but at a time when fire companies are closing because of buuget cuts... and fire fighters aren't seeing any increase at aal... theeunion representing them... wants to knowwhow this is fair. (campbell) "we were told to live with zero percent, i don't have a problem with that if everyone's going toofeel the pain, everryody feels thh paii i don't have an issue with it, and aa far as i'm fire departmmnt should just turn the raise down and say if my fooks get a raise, i'mmnot going to accept a raise." raise."in a statement...chief to have served assfire honooed chief... and is happy that the mayor has asked him to continue serving. tte results are in forrthe latest statewide assesssent te
to every man and woman in the baltimore city fire department. how can you accept a raise when you told there members there is no money? happy new except to raise? >> in addition, the mayor will also request that james clack received a contract extension. >> a police officer sentence for his role in a kickback scheme. jaime lugo referred accident victims to majestic telling shoppers -- towing shop. now to another state. the man who fell off a boat in cecil county has died. he was from pennsylvania and cleaning his bow when the accidentat lee fell overboard. -- he was cleaning his boat when he fell over. >> the owner of several liquor stores have been invited to a meeting to discuss rezoning of their establishments. they want to phase out liquor sales. violent crime tends to cluster around neighborhood liquor stores. the zoning change would affect about 100 stores. >> people that are brought up in that environment is not going to change because there is no liquor store. to pinpoint a liquor store as being the problem for people's bad behavior is wrong. >> the planning director says the c
, the baltimore grand prix is slated to racee through city streets..... it not only shuts down business....it shuts off sales.... organizers of last years race lost millions of dollars....and left many bills un-paid. this year....theee's a new set of invessorssand nascar's michael it. (mayor) "i don't e - thinkkanybody can bb frustrated about andretti motor sports being eight weeks to go, the new organizers are already predicting this race will lose money. but with a five turn a profit next year. t (17736:44) "you're not going pt gee it right the first time out." (17:54:18) "i think in order tooestablish certain reddntials as a city,, you haae to do it a few times even if you loseemoney." (18:20:50) "hh's awfully luckyyhe can lose money this yearr ttey don't care about last year and have never recouped from laat year.. in federal hill, they've gained a race....and lostta business. ( 3 organizers aren't saying how many tickets arr sold ffr ttis planning to unleash a marketing campaign next weekk...and insist ticket &psales are on target with
, wbaltv.com. it is now official, the baltimore city fire chief is getting a good sized pay raise in the contract extension. this is much to the dismay of the city firefighter union and at least to the elected officials. let's go live to city hall tonight for more on that story. >> the chief will get an 18% increase in pay, but let's put this in perspective. it will happen over the duration of his five-year contract. you have to give the fire chief credit for this fire deaths since 1938. he's established operation care to cut down on residents using ambulances as taxis and moving the fire department to a new computer dispatch system. >> our record of fire safety and the work he is doing is being recognized. >> the chief will receive a 18% raise in pay over the next five years. his current salary is more than $161,000 a year. the contract extension generated vigorous debate and protests at the city board vestments meeting. >> this increase is not negotiated with local 960. >> [inaudible] >> the firefighters' union zero did on the pay increase. comes as three fire companies face clo
prostitution ring with a baltimore city firefighter at the center of their investigation. two men have now been taken into custody, 29-year-old ja mar simmons who has been with the baltimore city fire department for more than a decade. also in custody 34-year-old franklin koit. earlier this week police raided a house on pulaski street in west baltimore. inside they say they found ledgers, documents and computer equipment detailing a large- scale operation along with condoms and other sexual toys. >> just a lot of fine women going up in there and, you know, i didn't know what was going on. >>> the firefighter, ja mar simmons who you see there on your left has a previous sex trafficking charge dating back to 2010. in that case he received probation before judgment and that allowed him to keep his job with the department. if he had pleaded guilty or been convicted, obviously he would have lost his job. now he's being suspended without pay. >>> two teens have confess today killing a former teacher and principal from chesapeake high school in anne arundel county. police responded to reports of a bo
tv. before hd and wjz.com baltimore. >> from the city to the county is, now has complete coverage. >> . >> >> a former principal is murdered in florida. >>> was a perceptible in chesapeake pasadena. officials found him floating in a canal. one of the officials rented a house from norman. he says there was trouble between landlord and tenant. >> it was vacant, but then he said, i let these brands go in. and then he said, they are not paying them. >> he was principal at chesapeake until 1983 and the auditorium is named for him. >> a baltimore firefighter is arrested in an fbi raid accused of running a prostitution ring out of a local warehouse. it's not the first time his face such allegations. we have a shocking investigation from police headquarters. >> back in 2010 jamar simmons was arrested for human trafficking and prostitution. he pled not guilty and was given probation. >> inside this house is where police say jamar simmons and franklin coit we're running on online prostitution ring. >> i can't imagine anything scandalous would be going on in here. >> even more surprising i
-year veteran of the baltimore city fire department. he is now suspended without pay, pending an internal investigation. vic? >> mary, thank you. simmons was a firefighter with truck 25 out of rowland park. >> controversy continues out of plans to give fire chief james clack a contract extension and a pay raise. comes at a time when fire companies are being closed. >> derek valcourt explains, a vote on the measure was taken today, as more opponents speak out. derek? >> well, the mayor says the fire chief has earned that pay raise. but firefighters and some city residents say the fire chief is benefiting from their loss. >> reporter: the permanent closure of three city fire companies because of three budget constraints already had firefighters angry. which is why the mayor's request had firefighters union leaders saying no way. >> this [ inaudible ] i don't think chief complak or his command staff should take the raise. >> reporter: but in a 3-2 vote, the city board of estimates agrees to extend the contract for six years. the deal grants clack more than $28,000 worth of pay in
that the agency are needed. let's go live to southeast baltimore for more on the latest. >> city officials admit this should not have happened. but they do defended by saying their employees needed practice paving. the people who work at a city maintenance facility on boston's st. have a good deal. they are building had a good view and the city parking lot of steps away with plenty of free space. despite that, the supervisor thought more personal spaces were needed, so he allowed city workers to use taxpayer money and time to build five parking spots and a motorcycle pat closer to the building's front door. one employee even claim a spot of her own with a professionally made sign bearing her name. >> they asked permission to do so and i said it was ok. >> the maintenance chief of the city's transportation department responsibility for the job but we asked about it. >> you know the parking lot is right there. >> yes. >> does it make sense to spend the money to build the space is when you have plenty of parking steps away? >> after we saw what they did, we thought maybe it was the best thing to do
baltimore city police commissioner continues. officials say they have come up with a blue print for improving the department. jeff hager joins us with the details on this. >> in the tough economic times, some police departments cut jobs, pensions and in scranton, pennsylvania, they are only offering the minimum wage. the union leaders say the success in cutting crime here could be jeopardized if the department doesn't enhance recruiting and the benefits of the officers out there on the streets. we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of resources, and taking better care of the police officers on the street who got the job done for you over the last four or five years. >> they call on the department to require two years of college or military service for new recruits. fop brought in a consulting group and compared baltimore's police department to those of other cities to come up with the recommendations over the last year and hopes the search committee will use them to become the next top cop. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> firefighters took th
3 wednesday july 11th 3 3 3 3 on the heels of closing two baltimore city ire ccmmanies... the mayor is proposing to give the fire chief a raise.the board of essimates is expected to vote on his plan ttday. today.megan gilliland is here with more on the coottoversy fighters union.rom the fire good morning guys,chief james ccack has been leading the department for four years now. by then mayor... sheila dixon. - since then e's won the praise of our current mayor. 3 and now stephanne rawlings-blake is offerinn chief clack a two percent paise... and plans to extend he currently earns more than ..- 161-thousann a year. but at closing because of budget re cuts... and fire fighters aren't seeing ann increase at all... the union rrpresenting them... wants to now hoo this is ffir. (campbell) we wereetold to live with zero percent, i don't have a problem with hat if everyone's going to feel the pain, everybody feels the with it, and as ffr as i'm concerned, the chief of the fire department should just turn the raise down and say if my folks get a raise, i'm not going to accept a raise."
in baltimore city wants to hire onny officers who have & college degrees or a ilitary &pbackground. (((o)) it's just identified within a report tte f-o-p just released. the 15 page document identifies seven areas of -3 weaknesses within he department. unnon leaders 3 recruits .... will help towardd eliminating corruption wittin the departmenn. 33&p((wipe-sot)14:07:40 listen burnie maddof ad a college degree thereeare people who degreessspecific to the towing incident alllthe officees that were involved in hat didn't - mayor stephanie rawlings blake's officce id ssue a statement.... in which she explains how she apprecieates & the suggeetions from the fop and her office will thoroughly 3 3 an owings mills teenager is beinggremmmbered tonight for his characcer and athletic talent.paul eesler joonssus with more on an accident that claimee the life of a promiiing young swimmer.paul-- 3 you say the last name - 'cosggrea' around area swim clubs, and people turn heads. alec cosgarea is the middle chill of a swimming family. aleccwas killed in a caa a
of customers without power for days. wjz is live in north baltimore. monique griego explains what city and county leaders want to know. >> kai, their main concern is how we can be better prepared for another storm. but they also want more done to prevent heat-related deaths. >> reporter: heavy rain and hurricane-like winds. destroyed neighborhoods and left millions without power across the mid-atlantic. >> it was hot. it was terrible. >> reporter: viola bowers lost service for several days. but in this neighborhood off lake avenue, the damage was even worse. and homeowners were in the dark for a week or longer. >> people who drove around said this was like it was the epicenter. >> reporter: now, city and county leaders are asking bge and pepco, one main question. >> what else can they be doing to prepare us better, when these instances occur? >> reporter: baltimore county executive kevin cam nit is one of several leaders for maryland's largest jurisdictions to sign off on a letter to the public service commission. in it, they asked the psc to press the companies on several issues, incl
announced his retirement in may. a baltimore city firefighter is suspended without pay this morning after being arrested in connection with a prostitution ring. police say 29-year-old ja mar simmons along with 34-year-old franklin colt is in custody following that bufd. officers executed a search warrant at a house on south pulaski street in south baltimore earlier this week. inside they found evidence of a prostitution ring. local experts in human trafficking say they're not at all surprised one of the alleged pimps is a firefighter. >> one of the best ways for criminals to operate is to have a daytime persona that seems legitimate and then on their off hours, on their down time have this other kind of thing going on. >> police say simmons had a sex trafficking charge in 2010. he received probation before judgment that allowed him to keep his job. >>> no word yet this morning on charges for a deadly cecil county crash. the driver of the car a man from pennsylvania slammed into charlotte buoy as she was getting her mail. buoy died at the scene. >>> a new warning for parents out there us
's money. i'm sunni houston. >>reporter: a baltimore city firefighter is arrested for working as a pimp. i'm linda stow. what police are saying about his involvement in a massive prostitution ring. >>> and an independent investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal to be released tomorrow. what the family of joe paterno is saying about that report's findings. >>> and today the house is set to vote to repeal the affordable healthcare act once again. but this move largely symbolic. we'll explain why on this wednesday, july the 11th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. megan is off today. but, lauren, she is in studio with us, we got "caption this" coming up in just a bit. and also lynette charles is in with a check of this wonderful forecast. yes. you know what? feeling a lot like summer out there. we do have a little bit of humidity to wake up to this morning. we get that in the summertime. temperatures seasonable as we go through the morning and also throughout the afternoon. not too many complaints out there. we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, and you d
. >> the coast guard welcomes a new cutter to the chesapeake bay. >> a baltimore city firefighter is behind bars accused of running an online prostitution ring. this morning wjz has learned about disturbing acquisitions from that firefighters past. >> survival story. hear from a florida teen who survived a life or death struggle with an alligator. >> the oriels all stars take the stage at the sports classic. >> more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a report of the morning in a couple of minute hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. get your cash back! oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. cha
for you throughout the morning. >>> a baltimore city firefighter is in big trouble with the law this morning. he's one of two men charged in running a prostitution ring and this morning abc 2 news linda stow is live at the fire department with all of the details. linda, what do you know? >>reporter: charley, that firefighter has been suspended without pay. in fact, this isn't the first time he's been charged with something like this. back in 2010 he was charged with sex trafficking, but he received probation before a judgment which allowed him to keep his job as a city firefighter. police say he's 29-year-old ja mar simmons. they also arrested franklin koit. the city police collaborated to make the bust. they executed a search warrant at 208 south pulaski street and found a lot of condoms and sexual aids. the task force says the fbi's involvement indicate there is could have been a large number of victims forced to work as prostitutes and that some of them could have been children. neighbors say they knew just something wasn't right. >> there's a lot of women going up in there
to baltimore city. accidents there. smith avenue at old pimlico. also, north utah at west lexington. we have plenty of traffic out there on the beltway, north of security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. stop in for the saucy santa fe steak and melt. back to you. >>> baseball card bonanza. a discovery is rocking the collecting card world. mary joins us now with more. >> baltimore is rich in baseball history. and now our city is playing a role in what is being called the most exciting find ever in the history of baseball card collecting. >> reporter: something remarkable happened to carl kiss ner in this attic, after he and this family inherited this turn of the century house. passed down by his aunt after her receipt passing. -- recent passing. what three found were these unassuming baseball cards. they had been tied in a neat bundle and put in a cardboard box, sitting untouched for 100 years. he didn't know bell what he had -- exactly what he had. but the sports directors did. >> we believe this is the most significant find in the history of hobby. when they sent
anyoneewho says tha you need mor b odies on the ptteet to make baltimore a safer city no you need to mayor stephanie rawlings blake's offiie did issue a explains how she apprecieates the suugestions from the fop and her office will horoughly review the recommendations. joy lepola fox 5 ews at 5:00. a promising, young swimmer is his school. school..lec cosgarea (coo- g'arra) was killed in a car accideet monday night.he had just leftta inner itt his swim team when he lost control of his car on greenspring avenue neer his owings mills home.cosgarea was aa incoming senior at the mcdonough school, where hissteachers erik posegay, swim coach: "you can't replace an alec cosgarea...because of all the pooitive qualities hat hee brrught. he was more than just the times. we're gonna miss his enthusiasm day n and day o" out."cosgareaas unneal is phis saturday morning at 10 mary our queennon north of - charlls street. as clean-up continuesfrom haa devistatingstorm...b.g.ee customers...arr now wondering how theyyll be impacttd.john rydell tells us...many ratepayerss..maywind up paying less...
, voters approved cutting city workers pensions. baltimore may sell ad space on the side of its fire trucks. back here in scranton, the unions are hoping the judge holds the mayor in contempt of court and starts imposing fines and penalties if he doesn't pay the full wages. it's money the mayor insists he simply did not have. so the standoff continues. the next payday is next friday the 20th. savannah. >> ron allen in scranton for us. it is now 7:14 and here is matt. >> savannah, thank you. it was one of the worst passenger ships wrecks in history. it killed 32 people. the infamous captain is explain his actions in his first interview since the crash. nbc's michelle kosinski has details on this this morning. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. you may have noticed the ship is still here. salvagers have been working carefully to eventually tow it away. the captain, remember him, just released from house arrest. he spoke last night to italy's channel 5 tv and apologized. and he said when the wreck happened, just as with so many car crashes, that he was distracted on the phone. the
" reports leaders in baltimore say the city's troubles were aggravated by bankers' manipulation of key interest rates linked to hundreds of millions of dollars the city borrowed, baltimore's been leading a battle in a manhattan federal court against the banks that determine the interest rate. including massachusetts, nassau county, long island, and california public pension system are looking at whether they suffered similar losses and weighing legal action. we'll talk more about the libor scandal with former fdic chair sheila bair. the chair bair. but she isn't chair anymore. you knew that lawyers would be able to talk people into -- >> oh, right. >> that you would find a way to -- i remember when -- the guy that elizabeth warren's -- oh, he was -- >> the ambulance chaser. >> he had magnetic business cards as ambulances went by. call me, call me, call me. now he's in charge of the -- i mean, i -- >> they'll be running ads with 800 numbers for you to call. >> oh, yeah. definitely. >> except i think there's -- maybe i'm wrong on this. there's a mistaken belief that libor impacts a lot -
for good. one more is set to close in october and baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake is adding a 2% raise on chief clack's contract. >>> today howard county executive ken olman is holding a news conference talking about how the county is now prepared to implement the affordable healthcare act. he's speaking about the new tools to educate people under the new healthcare law. time to go back to new york now for more of good morning. one more check of your weather and traffic coming up in about a half an hour. have a great day. >>> he came up out of the water, like superman or something. waving to us, saying hey. >> that is an amazing survival story that you're going to hear. a teenager, and that's his friend talking about he came out of the water like superman. he faced down a massive alligator. barely escaped with his life. he is speaking out this morning. i've already heard him talk. i'm telling you, he's so inspirational. >> unbelievable what he does. and his quick thinking saved his life. >> sure did. >> even though he lost his arm. >>> a mystery out of north carolina. a woma
as proved cutting city pensions. and baltimore may sell ad space on the side their trucks. >> we're getting an indication, that if we don't pay attention to it and address the problems early enough, the problems would be too big for us to solve with simple solutions and drastic measures will come. >> reporter: a scranton public works employee says he's already taken drastic action, dipping into precious savings, after watching his pay drop from $900 every two with weeks to about $340 last payday. >> we bust our chops every day. and you kind of just expect the pay. you know, you expect your wages. this is something that shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: the mayor here says the situation is so dire, he's proposed a 78% property tax hike over four years, something residents here certainly don't want to hear about. in the meantime, unions try to keep up the pressure in court for their full pay and what the city now owes them in back wages. brian? >> ron allen starting us off tonight in scranton, pennsylvania. as we mentioned, this tough economy is what was on voter's minds today. as bot
cutting city workers pensions and baltimore may sell ad space on the side of its fire trucks. here in scranton, the unions hope the courts hold the mayor in contempt till he decides to pay them their full wages, something he says he can't do even though it's guaranteed by contracts. the next payday is next friday, the 20th. >> the all right, thank you, ron. the scranton crisis is not just a local problem as other cities and towns face similar budget issues. scranton could become a political symbol. listen to how our first read team put it. "if you're the obama campaign, you might be a tad nervous about scranton story, after all, this is a narrative that the gop has been pushing for the past two years, governments are going broke. did you are in the gop trying to push this government is too big and unsustainable issue, you couldn't script the story any better." sam is the city's public works union president and drives a truck for the dpw and received a 62% pay cut. sam, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> absolutely. let me get your reaction first off to what's happening there
from kansas city as we continue after this 8-0 win for the national league. back after this. bad news about the baltimore grand prix. what the about this years race. and tubing on the unpowder falls.the controversy it's created.coming up affer the falls.the controversy it's created.coming up affer the game.... falls.your grilling is still creatgonna be pretty amateur. game.... but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. ♪ ♪ looking for someone you can trust? with ase certified technicians and the latest technology, this is the exception to the rule. this is sears auto center. oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'. >> every day over 15 million kids are left alone after school. no one to teach them or guide them. but for millions of kids the opportunity to be great is just one door away. fox sports has partnered with boys and girls clubs of america to help open doors to education and opportunity, while preparing kids to have a great future. >>
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